Anyone that is human has the capability of being racist.

You can quit, walk away and let everything fall apart. I dare you, hang up your hat and give it all up. Give away the burden of progress, the stressful nag of life constantly fighting back. Do it, no one will care…..many will actually be happy you did.

Or, get your shit going, stop allowing others from hindering you. Take these minutes, these hours to keep going. Leave the low level thinking behind. Etch out what you want out of yourself and fill it in with each day. Let go of those who talk shit, find those who will walk…

Mediate The Mind

I often here the idea that the “worst” place sometimes is to be inside your head. That there is this concept of “over thinking.” There are even many forms of meditation that ask you cease thinking all together or at least let your thoughts run in free form and cling to no single thought. But is it truly a “strength” or “healthy” strategy to cease any thinking, even in meditation?

Well, I have been thinking about this for quite some time. Ever since I listened to an individual, which I cannot remember at this moment. That in gist, “To cease…

There Is Always A View

Upon this plan be I and billions of minds,
Of meddling lines crisscross a weave of internal sublime
Costing lines of misery blinds,
Shutting sails for moment of silence in rhyme.

Keeping toe, the vision of something to find
Floating in an iris of stars combined
A single place of mine,
Of yours in time
Embracing the catalyst to climb,
Remind self, things are not always in prime.

Our gears grind,
Fall behind,
We forget, I forget,
The fostering of heart
Inhale what brings about an art,
Depart, from the weathering of emotional debt
Project in image of sunset
Breaths to uncurl among a quartet,
Strings to…

With Lucery cuffed to the railing of my stairs and the door locked. I stand with my rifle in hand with the blinds now drawn open at the front window.

I look to him with conviction to show I bare no fear of his presence and will act accordingly dependent upon his actions. Finger pressed firmly above the trigger patiently set to fall upon its curved body, I think, “If I must, then a new window will have to be ordered today.”

Looking to Lucery he gestures for me to open the window. Feeling somewhat secure against my opposition being…

Am I Me?

A question I ask my self and wonder if I am?

“Am I me?”

Do you think you are you?

Why do I ask this question?

Well, because me being me and you being you is almost trivial because so many factors go into it. I ask it because, can we ever really be us or is there an ever stretching line of what it means to be ourselves?

Think about it, if you are not assertive in your choices in life and concrete about where you are trying to go. Will the crowd not sway you? So are you…

Narrow View

Are you triggered,
I figured
As you dilute your characters figure
In chase of virtuous words
As you acclaim you be injured,
A microaggression seizure
Formed by those in pursuit
Of what you find to discolor,
To be “oblivious” to color,
Shameful to think deeper
Better to be in bitter
Than be of a thinker
One to understand that things can be held in different,

That facts are built by logic
Not unsubstantiated banter,
Formed by ones shallowest feelings
An identity based on where one places their boner,
Talk sex, drugs, love is love,
But dare speak of the one above
I say God…

An Afternoon Alone

Just like that, the air returns with warmth. The ghostly figure evaporates to the glowing embrace of the sun. My frigid body is no longer grasped by a frozen touch.

I begin to stand with some effort of struggle. Like trying to find your balance after spinning one too many times.

Now standing firmly upon the ground. I look about my surroundings and find no sign of wind. Only the glowing of the sun and the sound of birds signing. I decide to make my way back into my house, but not before picking up my drink.

I grab it…

Edmonds, WA

To those lost,

What are you doing?

Who are you?

Where are you going?

And what is that will define you as a person?

Questions I am sure you ask yourself in some form of light but take little heed to them. Go to your room or any place you are comfortable for thirty minutes and be alone.

Alone without music, without anything but your mind and heart. Close your eyes and form the “perfect” version of yourself in your head, the “perfect” life. Do not create a life based on the materials or life of others.

Start from scratch…

An Afternoon Alone

Stepping outside as any another day, I grab my frosted drink I set for winter to cool for the morning. Everything seems as natural as the day before.

The sun’s apricot body shines upon the cool grounds of dying frost. My hand wraps around my cold beverage as I lift it from the table. With my routine drink in hand, I begin to turn toward the entrance to my home.

As I begin my steps against the chill air, a cool gust of wind swarms about me. Nothing seems unusual for such an early morning. …

Micah Biffle

Just a man that was once lost in the pursuit of understanding himself. I write short stories, poems, and motivational pieces. (Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)

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