A slight knock echoes from his door.

Cluttered alone in a dark corner he sits on an old rocking chair sifting through his hair eagerly with his eyes fixated wide upon the door

“But no one has knocked upon my door in years. Do my ears deceive me or is their truly a hand that rattles at my door?”

Outside his window just to the left of the door you could the rain and lighting clash like a war between nature. He sat watching the door sitting alone pressed tightly in his chair with his eyes still fixated on the door. Ignoring the bugs that fly among his living quarters landing on him like a bird to a wire.


He began rocking quickly back and forth in his chair with hysterical mumbling to himself. “What is this? Why is there knocking coming from my door? I sent for no visitors. I sent for nothing!”

He became very frantic within his mind. He started to grind his teeth while still keeping his eyes on the door. Nature continued to hurl its elements outside as if to warn him of the knocking.

Suddenly the knocking started to grow louder.

Knock…knock…..THUD, THUD….THWACK!

It sounded as if a giant now wishes to enter the mans home.

He jumped slightly back into his chair upon the reaction to the growing strength of the knocking at his door. He now is crouched up in his chair with both feet. His toes protruded from tattered shoes and insects crawled out slowly from the inside of them.

His heart started to race faster with each rocking moment in the chair. A slight squeak began to awaken from the chair each time he rocked toward the wall.


The knocking continued and only grew louder.

The man pulled an old ragged blanket off the ground and pulled it over himself. A small hole was visible to his left eye. Not even with the moment of pulling the blanket over himself did he lose focus on the door.

As he held the blanket over himself he forced two fingers, one from each hand into the hole of the blanket and tore the hole open just a little bit wider. Enough so both his eyes could look through.

His breathing grew quick and unsteady. Thunder began to erupt above his house. It made him even more uneasy that he started to chew on his hair out of anxiousness and fear of the situation.

“Why wont they just go away?! Just leave me alone! I want nothing of anything of anyone at my door. Leave me alone!”

Suddenly a bolt a lighting crashed into the window next to the door.


Glass came flinging from the window like spit from a screaming crowd. He held tight to the blanket and took in a frightful breath as it all happened. Wind came rushing in tossing and turning up pieces of paper and trash that lay piled up in his home. Soon rain began to spatter the inside of his home.

His heart started to race even faster. His eyes grew wider and more dilated. Even his blanket was being coerced by the wind but he held on to it tight with both eyes peering through it like stalker to its prey.


The knocking started to form more continuous as nature seemed to grow more barbaric. The inside of his home was growing colder by the minute. It formed so cold he could see his breath. Soon his finger tips and toes started to become cold. So cold he raised his hands to his mouth clasping them together and blew breath into them.

But all of a sudden the wind picked up with a heavy gust and tossed his blanket from him. He reached out as fast as he could for it but could not save it. In doing so he fell from his chair onto the floor.

He was startled and frighten at the result he just created. He quickly scurried behind the chair on all fours like a frightened child. He curled up in a ball with his eyes facing the door. He was unaware that he started to chew on his lower lip. After a few minutes he drew blood from his lip but ignored his actions.

The knocking became more ferocious, as the wind, rain, lighting, and thunder all seemed to start working together. It was like nature was now forcing him from his home. He covered his ears and was shaking. Sweat started to appear from his forehead and tears began to run down his faces.

Everything seemed like it was after him. Even with him out of the chair the wind made sure the chair was still rocking. The once small sound of the chair creaking now seemed like a large old metal door swinging open.


Still shoved in the corner his body fills with more fright as he covers his ears and maintains a watchful eye on the door . Blood from his lips stains his teeth “Whaaa…whaaa….what is going on…what is all this infernal and hellish noise that consume my senses? wh….w….wh..why does it feel as if death is hugging my soul?!”

Rain continues to pour densely into his home forming puddles upon is old rotted floor. Insects from all corners of the home begin to scurry out from every corner like crumbs falling from a zealous mouth. The insects are in search for a dry warm place to slumber.


Suddenly the door gives way a little on the last few knocks from the outside. His eyes ever so watchful come to a stare of pure death upon seeing the door move as if it was alive and breathing. His eyes filled with pure fright like the devil was cutting his very soul from him.

Lighting struck over and over just outside his window casting all kinds of shadows. With each flash of lighting you could see the insects scurry in one large mass. They covered most of the floor, it looked as if the floor was dancing with a vivid cloud of death.

He kept huddled in the corner even with the insects moving all around him he did not move an inch. His body grew colder and colder, he started shiver. Removing his hands form his ears he placed his arms around his body to save himself from the winds bitter breath.

His clothes had no hope of helping him. They were old and ragged much like the blanket. Stained with dirt, blood, and many forms of other bodily fluids.

Just as things were becoming so cold frost began to form. The wind came to a sudden stop. The lighting disappeared and the thunder seemed to vanish as well. All that remained was the rain, but now it was at a quiet trickle. Just loud enough to hear it fall and hit the roof of his home.

Still cold he remained shivering in the corner ever so watchful of the door. Even the knocking stopped. But still the insects were moving throughout the home but they could not seem to find an area to stop.

But one long thousand legged insect with long antennas dangling from what looked like a head found its way to him. Its antennas moved wildly touching everything in its path. It reached him and felt his hair strung out on the floor. It began to follow his matted hair up toward him. Soon it found its way to the top his head. It crawled slowly to the outside of his ear and began to examine it.

It then trialed its way down to his cheek touching each little piece of dead flesh that lay upon his face. The insect seemed unaware, or maybe had no fear of what it had found. As it was crawled along his cheek it felt his warm decaying breath rise from his mouth.

It moved closer but with slight hesitation and caution. It reached the edge of his mouth and started to feel around. Not even a twitch or a motion came from the man as the insect crawled along his face. He remained shivering and fixated with the door.

The insect then felt another breath come from his mouth. It the stopped and froze for a moment. Then it stood up on its back legs and turned its body toward the other insects rubbing its antennas as if to signal the others.

All of a sudden the large group of insects froze all at the same time. Then they all commenced to turn the same way and made way toward the insect that found the man lying in the corner.

Like a dark cloud in the wind the insects made their way to him. Without warning they all started to crawl on him. He did not move at all, the shivering was no concern to the insects as they found their way in his hair, pockets, under his shirt and inside his pants and shoes.

But still he remained with his eyes frozen to the door.

Everything seemed to calm down, even his heart started to make rest to the lacking of fright that was choking is very breath a moment ago. Even with the calming of everything he still could not move. It was like he was frightened into a state of shock.

The insects had covered him from head to toe. All that was exposed was hair, his eyes, his mouth, and his grimy toes.



The knocking came back with no warning and this time it was relentless. The door began to bend inward of the home with each knock. The hinges started to come loose. A crack started to emerge from the center of the door.

Still he was not moving, only shivering as clouds of breath formed from his mouth and the insects scurried around his body like busy city.

But his eyes reacted with each knock with full dilation. Looking at his eyes it was nothing but blackness of his pupils consuming almost every inch of his eyes. Only thin white circles on the outer rims of his eyes were visible.

As he felt himself frozen once again with fear, his heart picked up speed once more. His breathing became erratic, even the insects picked up an odd amount of motion.

The wind came roaring back tossing more of his home around like dead leaves. The rain came to a heavy pour again as well as the thunder and lighting.

The door continued to receive knock after knock. The door grew weak with each one. It could hold up no longer as the knocking picked up its haste.

Suddenly the door came crashing in.


It shook the whole floor of the house causing the insects to hide away as best they could. A very noticeable gust of wind came rushing out from the door as it fell to the ground.

The mans eyes were wide and black. They did not move, they were still, like a statue. Almost as if he was possessed by the moment.

Then from the door appeared a small light that looked to be floating. It came closer and closer and a sudden shriek came from its direction. Suddenly a strange tall figure appeared from the doorway.

It stood tall and hunched over. Its legs were long, lanky, and matched its arms. His right hand held a lantern as its left hand held a skull. It slowly walked in with unmatched steps, it movement was strangely unpredictable. It was like watching an old flip film. Every step appeared ghostly and stiff.

It wore torn black pants and a torn black hooded cloak. Its face was hidden within the hood. It had an odd stench coming from it. It smelled as if something was rotting. You could hear it breathing between the crackling of its lantern.

It stepped closer and closer into the home. Holding the lantern as far out as it could searching the reaching of the light. Nature grew calm with each step it took further into the house.

Soon it found the man huddled in the corner. It held the lantern to his face as it bent over to examine him like an animal. Sniffing him and licking his face as if it were a savory candy. Its tongue was long, grey, covered with yellow and green stains. It found the blood that lay dry upon the mans lips and lapped it up like starving pet.

Still the mans eyes were frozen and black as this strange thing tasted him and smelled him. The man shivering and breathing wildly the strange creature froze for a moment. It looked the man straight in the eyes. A strike of lighting flashed casting shadows of all kinds once more.

But this time a shadow of the unnatural appeared on the wall behind the man. The shadow devoured the wall with blackness.The strange creatures shadow did not rival the creatures physical features, it surpassed them. Its shadow appeared with broad wings and short curled horns.

As it faced the man looking into his eyes its mouth opened slowly and a voice came whispering from it.

“You must go now, there is no reason to hide anymore. You must come with me. He is waiting with inpatients my friend. “

It then placed the skull and lantern on the floor and then placed one hand on on the mans chest and placing his other hand eerily on the mans chin. It then started to inhale with a heavy breath as it held its self inches from the mans mouth.

A small clear blueish stream began to come swirling out of the mans mouth and into the creatures. The mans eyes were haunted at the sight he was consumed by. His body began to shake violently, the insects came running out and dispersed into the home.

Then, everything stopped, the man grew still and his eyes became clouded like the blind. The creature then picked the skull and the lantern and turned toward the broken entrance of the home.

It proceeded to walk away and vanished into thin air. The mans body lie still and suddenly eroded into nothing but bone and clothes. The home came to a shaking and everything that once was broken somehow returned to its rightful state.

Nature came to a lull, the skies returned to a cold blue fall sky. Everything, looked, as if nothing, nothing had happened.

Just a man that was once lost in the pursuit of understanding himself. I write short stories, poems, and motivational pieces. (Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)

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