_A Good Man_

Micah Biffle
1 min readMay 16, 2023
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Who’s a good man,

When his eyes lust

From dawn to dusk

His soul in sin covered like rust.

Who’s a good man,

When alone he makes no plan

Sews no seeds by word nor hand,

But spends by debt, a toy for a grand.

Who’s a good man,

When he breaks his word

As one would break bread

And lies about his works

From his head.

Who’s a good man

When he scurries to shadows

To merge with his flesh

And binds himself to the empty

Drowning his character, his best.

Who’s a good man,

When men shall seek rest

Over gathering his community

To invest.

Who’s a good man,

When he strides to impress

With momentary material,


Who’s a good man,

When the world is broken

And wickedness is the union,

And men be not of God,

But of his perversions,

Cutting himself, from morals,

And creation.



Micah Biffle

Just a man beneath the thumbprint of God. A man wandering like any other, wondering what will come of him.(Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)