With Lucery cuffed to the railing of my stairs and the door locked. I stand with my rifle in hand with the blinds now drawn open at the front window.

I look to him with conviction to show I bare no fear of his presence and will act accordingly dependent upon his actions. Finger pressed firmly above the trigger patiently set to fall upon its curved body, I think, “If I must, then a new window will have to be ordered today.”

Looking to Lucery he gestures for me to open the window. Feeling somewhat secure against my opposition being cuffed, without losing visual I unlock the window and open it so we can converse.

Lucery, upon the window opening he says, “Well look at that, a man who listens but only when he has the upper hand it seems.”

Hearing his reaction to the now open window, “I never like to give without being two steps ahead you know, give an inch you give a mile. Unless you have already taken that mile. Honestly, I don’t trust you still, the fact your mob and dog vanished without a trace.

Makes me think there is more to you then what I have seen. Especially after that visit I had with the wind, anything can be real at this point. So I will stand my ground but think you have a hand yet to play, am I wrong Lucery?”

Lucery adjusting the cuffs, “A first name basis already I see, guess our relationship has already gone up notch, shall we have lunch with your mother later this evening then?”

His response gets under my skin a bit, “First name basis? It’s called being courteous and no way in hell would you ever step a foot near my mother or anyone I know for that matter. Now tell me what the hell you want?!”

Lucery smirks at me as the cuffs keep in a slight slouched posture and replies, “Straight to the core the apple, well Liam, I hate to break it to you. But the world is going to end and I am here for your help.”

I lift my brow in confusion from his response, “My help? The world is ending? Don’t tell me you are one of those, the world ends in twelve years if we do nothing are you? I have been hearing that stuff for thirty years now. Lets move on shall we….”

Lucery chuckles at my reply, “Haha, the world was already set to its doom and truth be told, no matter what, there is nothing that can be done. Everything lives in a cycle, and slowing it down, only permits it to become worse in the end. Like holding back a lie you could say.”

Feeling irritated, “Okay, enough of this walk around gibberish, what do you mean you need my help and the world is ending?”

Lucery sits down on the steps, “Liam, see, there is always a chosen one for each dimension, but when will that chosen appear? Well, that is completely random, at least from my knowledge, what he knows, (pointing to the sky) I cannot say. All I know is I know when it is time to recruit and if you have not figured it out already, you’re it. And before you reply, no, I do not know why or how, just what.”

The sun now covered by clouds it begins rain.

“Are you joking me right now? Chosen one? I am far from being chosen from anything. I can barely keep my daily routine in check. Damn, I even fall in life when things are going well. How could I be chosen and what’s with pointing to the sky, you talking about God?”

The rains spatters about the roof of the house. The calming sound of a tin roof and rain eases some of the tension that holds to the air and my bones.

Lucery trying to hug deeper into the stairs under the roof to hide himself from the rain, “Can a man stay even a days worth of being dry in this state or what?…Like I said, I do not know how or why, he merely chooses but sets a random time frame as to its coming. Yes, I mean…the G….O….D…Dare to say such name can burn ones tongue, literally.”

Lucery looking repulsed I reply, “Burn ones tongue? What are you the devil?”

Lucery immediately looks up at me with an eerie glare accompanied by a small smirk arching from the right side of his face.

“What the….!” Seeing his expression, I push away from the window…. “So you’re saying you’re the devil and the thing that visited me today was an angel?!”

Lucery slowly stands up, “Exactly Liam, exactly.”

Clear as day I hear his reply, I quickly place my finger on the trigger of my rifle and aim it at him and with a stern voice say, “Don’t move, this can’t be real, if you are the devil get out of here now! I believe in God, but hell, I didn’t believe without doubt….”

Lucery still cuffed foot on the second step replies, “I figured my name I gave you would clear things up, Lucery, come on Liam, thought you were brighter than that,but apparently not? So let me reintroduce myself, my name is Lucifer and before you freak out. (His eyes start to glow orange, blending into a deep red.) Let me say one thing, I am not your enemy and God desires you as much as I to do the right thing. But that right thing, I would say is subjective. Think about it, how many times have you felt alone, even with God in your heart? How much bad (he expresses with air quotes) has to happen in this world before you realize he does not care? He merely wants what he wants. He wants you all to be as he wishes, slaves to (rolling his eyes) so called righteous ways.”

My heart is pounding faster than I have ever felt it. My hands begin to sweat my throat feels hollow and as if something is stuck in it. I swallow but it does nothing. My rifle now aimed at his head, “Do not move, I’m chosen from God to do what exactly? Save the world?”

Lucifer looks at me, his chin tilted down his eyes look to me, “Yes, save the world, but not really, you can’t actually save it, you’re more of a martyr you could say, but, I could keep you from becoming that. How did you feel when your sister died that Sunday morning after service? Driving home at ten AM and bam! (clapping his hands together) hit by a drunk driver, dead on impact, six years old….Six, quite the number…”

My stomach churns, “How did you know that?”

Lucifer, “I’m the devil Liam, truthfully, oops, I’m not supposed to tell the truth am I? Or so they say, truth, lie, truth, lie, both truths if told right. Now let us really converse shall we?”

Finger laced over the trigger of my rifle I grow more nauseous by the second, sweat forms at my brow. “Stay!” I yell as he tries to move.

Lucifer, “ I wouldn’t dare move…”

I start to feel light head, my vision grows a bit blurry, “Stay….stay where you are, I’m….”

Lucifer now a blurry silhouette, “You’re what? Feeling ill? Everyone one of you feel like this, your human flesh is not designed to take such information in such a drastic way, but hey, times are ending, who’s your friend? Who is the one confronting you with all the information? Him or me? The one, hiding up in the clouds watching as you struggle each day? Or me, the one who is here, willing to give you a hand, I could even change things for you, feel that?”

Feeling woozy, I start to lose balance, my body becomes weak, the sound of thunder echoes as I fall to the ground. “Feel…..feel…what?”

Lucifer, his voice sounding as if it coming inches from the window, “Your knee, the pain, is it still their?”

In my my woozy state, I feel my knee, unsure of how to respond in the situation I grasp to what comprehension I can.

“Wai…the pain….it’s..it’s gone, but…how?”

Lucifer’s voice crawling across my ear, “Because of me, see, I can do as he does but I won’t keep it from you nor ask for much, just that you let people know what I just did for you.”

A bright flash fills the room then a loud crack of thunder shakes the house. Unable to move with any effort I merely listen.

Lucifer, “Looks like I have to go, don’t be disrespectful, I did much for you today. Share or be left to the silent whispers of your quiet buddy in the sky.”

Hearing Lucifer speak, I could feel a strange warmth come over me as he talked, like a warm fire in the middle of winter. It was comforting but, a bit frightening.

Silence over comes the environment, the rain stops, the sun pours upon the day and the smell of fresh grass fills the air. I smile a bit as such a smell brings happy memories of my sister and me.

But as I think, sorrow follows. I begin to feel my body alleviate from the nausea and weakened state. I carefully stand up and look outside. Lucifer is gone and there is a giant burn mark in my lawn.

To be continued….03/05/2021

Just a man that was once lost in the pursuit of understanding himself. I write short stories, poems, and motivational pieces. (Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)

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