I have never been so lost with words. Like a thousands doves set free I can only capture one, lost. I am lost in the moment I lie with her. Lost in the moment I look at her, listen to her, taste her, and talk with her.

Her eyes give me this sense of infinite life. That if I die, I would not just disappear into existence. But I would become apart of her heart even more than I am now. Life is what she gives me and life with her is what I will never be able to pay back.

I have never fell with such emotion as I gaze upon her back as the sunset shadows her body. Her hair whisking with the gentle winds. Like the perfect cocktail you savor every sip. As she turns her neck to look upon me I approach. My heart skips as her eyes fill my soul with the breeze of paradise.

I reach out my hand to place it on her back and enjoy the feel of her silk skin. She reaches back to capture my hand as it follows her body. Her skin is mocha, I taste it with my lips from her neck. Her eyes close as my lips connect with her body. The wind picks up a shallow breeze of warmth as my hands pursue her slender curved figure.

I grab her hips and pull her into my body. That moment fills me like a fairy tale story to a young heart. Magic seems to collide between us and the sun begins to dim. Stars make their way to appear in the sky. I can feel their jealousy puncture the night as they gaze upon us.

The beauty of the moon among the clear sea is no match for her. She is my perfection.

I continue to taste her, but now my tongue takes hold of her flesh. I begin to lose breath as she places her hand on head and sifts my hair with the tips her fingers. I feel this indescribable emotion cast over my heart causing my body to quiver with unrelenting pleasure. She knows how to capture me with a single touch. She knows how to make feel like a king among the world.

Her body is covered in a white unbound dress. It flutters with the air as if trying to escape her. Her beauty is a goddess, her soul is power, and her heart is love. She is all I want and all I need.

She twists her hips toward me tossing up her arms to my shoulders. She clasps her hands behind my neck. I look into her eyes and I am lost. I see the artistry that is captured within them. I see her soul dancing on the bluest of seas. Her lips become a savory fruit as they lock mine.

Our bodies become something celestial as we connect. We connect beyond the physical, beyond that moment. Its like time has frozen and we are left on this world with just us.

Our eyes are closed as our bodies and souls become entwined with each others desire. Her body is pressed tightly against mine as I pull her in with my eager hands. I want more from her than just her lips, more than just her body. I want it all, I want all of her.

We begin to stumble backwards in passion. Falling upon our sheets, this is what I could never replace. I could never replace the undying devotion and affection my heart has come to bleed for her.

Her Merlot hair hangs from her like threads of fresh silk. The light gleams from it purity. She looks down upon me as I lie on my back and I feel lost. I cant capture words or feelings for the moment we share. This sacred stage we lay upon is something far beyond the human expression. Her dress falls displaying more her for my eyes to obsess.

Everything fits so perfectly between us even the space that surrounds us. No sands on any island could stand to test us. Our breath becomes synced as our passion begins to rise. The stars I feel grow even more jealous of us. My heart races as a rhythm becomes something lost. Her eyes follow each button from my shirt as she begins to pluck each with a kiss to my exhaling chest.

Uncovering me her hands follow my body touching every inch of me as if to find each detail to sculpt me. I slide my hands along her thighs as her hands begin to release what her body craves. She feels me become absorbed between her thighs. I release a heavy breath as she arches her body back. I look up and watch as her beauty consumes my every thought. My hands grasp tightly on her hips as we hold our bodies in motion together.

Nothing seems real at this moment. She is more than I deserve, more than I could ever dream of. What could have possessed her to lie with such a man? As I think this she leans into me and begins to guide her tongue along my neck. She starts to nibble my ear breathing heat across my submissive skin.

I lose myself in her and hold her into me, I become captured to her like a soldier to commands. I slide my hands up and down her glistening back. Feeling her as if death is capturing us in our last night.

She closes her mouth for a moment gently pressing her lips to my ear and whispers, “ I love you.”

We held in tighter as those words caressed my body leaving me filled with love at its purist. That moment we lost ourselves more deeply than any moment before. Our bodies filled with shock of endless passion. We released our souls at that moment.

Our bodies shivered with ample fury of emotion. We grew silent for a moment as our chests held together feeling our hearts beat like drums in a hollow room. Soon our hearts grew in rhythm and our breathing became the speech to which we listened.

She sat up placing her hands upon my chest, I looked into her eyes as she looked into mine. A smile flourished from her as I lost myself to her once again. For what seemed like an eternity I could not look away as my eyes flew across every curve of her body. I watched mesmerized as her chest rose and sank trying to catch air.

She placed her hair behind her back and began to fix it into a bun. Every action she takes leaves me wanting more. Leaves me lost in beauty, she has sexiness with every motion. A goddess I tell you, there is no other explanation.

After she ties her hair up she smiles once more. Squeezing her left shoulder and tilting her head she lips “I love you.” I smile and display the words back, I am overwhelmed with joy and consumed with her very presence.

There is nothing like being lost with love.

Just a man that was once lost in the pursuit of understanding himself. I write short stories, poems, and motivational pieces. (Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)

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