An End to Abuse

Emera, with her hands upon her face. “What are we to do?…what did we do?!”

Looking to Emera, I approach her with my hands out. My arms trembling, my heart racing and the still damp blood upon my hands. “It’s not your fault nor mine, he was going to kill us. We had no choice.”

Emera, beginning to weep, she lowers her hands. As she does, the moon filters through the clouding night. It lands upon her face like a soft touch of an angel. Her tears glisten as they sail down her cheeks, “But…but I still loved him. I…still wanted him…why..wh..whyyyy…..”

Placing my hands upon her shoulders I stand looking to her, her chin settling in her chest. Her eyes closed, gripping to the shadows behind them. “Emera, you had to do what you had to do. It was either him or you. You made the right choice calling me before it was too late. You may love him, but he did not love you. And the bruises upon your face, your body, should be enough to see that.”

Emera, clinging to the horrors of now, opens her now red eyes and looks to me with much grief, fright, and confusion. “ But he was a police officer, who’s going to believe me?…he hadn’t beat me in two weeks. His shift never lined up with mine…until today. He…he was…”

“He was what?” I ask as I place my fingers upon her chin.

“He was mad I forgot to record his show and make him dinner. He…he was drunk…he didn’t know what…”

I interrupt her before she can finish her sentence. “No, he knew exactly what he was doing. Being drunk was just an excuse. He made it his way out, you’d blame the booze over him.”

Emera, shaking she wraps her arms around herself and with her back against the wall slides down to sit. Sitting upon the ground she slowly lifts her eyes up and looks to her dead boyfriends body.

He lays their lifeless, blood spilling from his head with an extension cord still wrapped around his neck. Looking to him, she becomes consumed in shock, her entire body becomes a trembling vessel.

Tangled sentences sputter from her mouth as she looks, “He didn’t..I mean I didn’t…what’s for dinner…maybe he just needs to rest. Don’t yell….i’ll…i’ll..(she pauses for a moment and looks up at me) what day is it?”

Her bottom lip quivering, her sleeves pulled over her hands as her now swollen eye suffocates her vision. I take my right sleeve, pull it up over my thumb and begin to wipe the staining blood from her upper lip. A cut she got in the fight.

“Honey, it’s Wednesday..why do you ask?”

Her eyes widen, “It’s Wednesday…I have to bring mom to the doctors….” She jolts to her feet and tries to step forward.

But I firmly and carefully press her against the wall. Holding her shoulders I look her in the eye as she tries to fight her way out, “look at me Emera…..look at me!” She looks at me with tearing eyes. “Your mother is okay, she’s at home. The moment you called me I told her to cancel her appointment….she’s okay.”

Emera finds her way back to me. She looks to me and filled with fear and sadness and says, “I don’t know what to do anymore, what am I supposed to do? He’s dead, and I did it.”

I lower my hands from her shoulders and embrace her in hug. “You’re going to be alright honey. Just listen to my voice, everything will be alright. I’m here with you. Right now, just listen to my voice, close your eyes and settle on the sound.”

I sing softly beside her ear and she replies in a whisper as she melts her body into my arms, “Okay father…okay.”

Emera closes her eyes and as she does. The strobing of police lights cast through the window.

As I sing, the sound of footsteps echo through the hall. I slowly shift Emera away from the wall. We switch places and as I sing I open my eyes and look at the scenery before me.

The entire apartment is in shambles, her boyfriends body lay lifeless in a puddle of blood. A pistol lays a foot from his left hand and a knife still grasped in his right.

Looking around, the footsteps draw nearer. I keeping singing to distract Emera, and just before the police present themselves with a resounding, “Police…police!”

Emera, in her exhausted and frightened state falls asleep. I carefully slide my left arm down her body to her knees. I pick her up off the ground and rest her head in my chest.

I respond to the police, “Were in here!”

Two officers peer from around the entrance, weapons drawn. The officers enter swiftly, one keeps his pistol aimed at me, “Don’t move sir…stay right where you are!”

The other officer walks over to the body and checks for a pulse, then grabs his radio, “One-three, this is Officer Lanber, suspect is dead on arrival.”

The officer that examined the body steps back, places his pistol back in its holster. He looks over at me and my daughter then back at the other officer and says, “You can put the pistol away.”

The officer reluctantly puts his pistol away, “But they killed one of ours”

The officer in charge, now standing back at the entrance. “He was a scum bag, he made a deal with Achio brothers a couple years ago. And the only guy that could put a face to his crimes, mysteriously disappeared. Exactly at the same time I was put on the case to find out who was rating information in our precinct. But, I poked around to deep and the Mayor, his cousins father. Shook me off the case and put me on the streets.”

Officer Lanber looks back and my daughter and me, “Lets get you guys out of here and we’ll have the medics check up on you.” Officer Lanber stands at the door as he waits for us to pass by.

As we do, he stops me for a moment and says, “You did the right thing, every girl he’s ever dated has always been treated like shit. He did the same thing to my daughter.”

The world can be a dark place, but in dark times we must be willing to call out on those to help us. If we don’t call out for light from those who love us, then darkness will prevail.

We are strange creatures of love, and love can be the best, yet the worst, A Man’s Traveled Heart

Coming soon, The Bleeding of Words

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Micah Biffle

Micah Biffle

Just a man beneath the thumbprint of God. A man wandering like any other, wondering what will come of him.(Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)