An Unexpected Moment with Two Broken Hearts

Her scent glided through the air like a sweet flower in a breeze. It danced beneath my nose like a ballet of love. I watched her as she took her seat at the table that sat diagonally from me . She sat facing just slightly away, her back was gentle with a glossed candy apple red laced dress encasing her, which complemented her complexion quite well. My eyes wandered her body for a moment as the waiter kept her attention.

I watched with great attention as my lips were busy criticizing the whiskey I had just ordered. There was something about her I could not figure out. Something about her that made my eyes spell bound. Any chance I had I would purposely guide my eyes across the whole room only to end up on her. Maybe it was that dress, maybe it was her perfume that so delicately waltzed through the room. Or maybe it was her hair or even her soft skin. What ever it was I could not help myself, I had to know more about this beautiful woman.

Her hair was dark, she had it tangled in a beauty of a braided design. Her skin was dark, but not like that of dark chocolate. It was like that of milk chocolate, with that fine shimmer against light. That gloss that makes you want to savor every and each bite as you consume each piece melting to the warmth of your tongue, with hopes it never ends. Leaving your taste buds envious for more.

Soon the waiter left after she concluded her order. I wondered what she ordered as I sat looking down into my glass of whiskey as I stirred it with the motion of my hand. I started to guess what she ordered as she looked patient waiting for another to join her.

I figured maybe she had order a fine champagne with smoked salmon. She had pulled her phone from her grey and red pinned stripped purse. I watched as every motion she took seemed so graceful with purpose. She looked down at her phone and began to smile. Her smile, I began to be mesmerized by her even more. How could such a smile exists in such a world full unhappy people. Her smile was like a rare moment, it was like seeing the perfect sunset over a lost island surrounded by the bluest sea. A sea no man has ever ventured to.

She continued to look at her phone as I sipped my whiskey. Suddenly a small voice emerged quietly by my side. “sir….sir….sir….”

I eventually came to, for a moment I had been lost outside reality to this women. I turned my head to the side placing my glass down, I looked over to see who the voice belonged to. “Sir would you like another glass of whiskey.”

It was the waiter, I looked at the waiter with slight confusion and turned my eyes back toward my glass. It was empty! I didn't even realize I had drank through my glass already. I looked back up at the waiter with a surprised smile.

“Yes, I would like another glass, but this time could you bring me a glass tequila on the rocks.”

“Yes, I will have that right over to you sir.”

I handed the empty glass to the waiter and watched him for a moment as he walked away. I was wondering if the waiter noticed my gaze to the women. He probably thinks I am some lonely creep just out for a stare. But the whiskey has settled in my blood so I could careless if he thinks such.

I adjust myself in my sit fixing my black tie to loosen it bit. Whiskey always causes my blood to run warm. After situating myself I turned back to see if the women was still there. She wasn't and for a moment my heart felt a strange sense of loss. I turned my eyes to the other side of her table and there in the sit sat a man. A man in a light gray suit, dressed with what looked like a silver Rolex. His hair was light and combed slightly to the side but with style. I could tell he was fit and confident in himself and his surroundings.

The waiter showed up with my glass at the same time the waiter to the other table did as well.

“Here is your tequila sir.” placing it in front of me.

I quickly turned my head to the waiter smiled and said thank you. The waiter smiled back and walked away. This man added to my interest in this women. I began to run scenarios through my head as I watched the man order from the waiter. I noticed the way he postured himself and the gestures he presented to the waiter seemed on the side of the demanding rather than in respect.

The waiter looked a little agitated at the man, the waiters smile broke a few times within the conversation. But the man eventually got his order across and the waiter walked away. The man then turned his body back toward the table, adjusted his watch, fixed his sleeves and placed his arms with his hands on the table parallel to each other. It was almost like watching a robot sit at a table.

He then reached into his suit and pulled out his phone. The light from the phone blinked as he held it to the table. His fingers began to rapidly type. As he typed he would look up every few seconds toward the restrooms. For about another minute or two he continued to type. Then he stopped suddenly and placed the phone back in his suit while staring at the restrooms.

I followed his eyes to the restrooms and there she was walking back. This time, I could see everything, her curves beneath the dress, her walk was filled with seduction, but not the kind where a man would easily place himself in her presence. This was the kind of seduction that would make a man think twice before thinking of her as a chance for pleasure.

Here eyes held even more beauty than her body, they even made the room just seem to disappear. They were like green gems placed behind an untouchable glass case only ever to be looked at and never touched. Her lips were luscious and powerful, covered with flesh red lipstick. She was a complete figure of beauty, she was a living goddess. She was a walking Botticelli of Venus. I felt hypnotized by the very existence of her. It was like a dream set in reality.

From the time she walked from the restrooms back to her table, I forgot where I was, I forgot about the tequila, the restaurant, I even forgot about my own breathing.

Once she sat down my eyes came to and I came back to the present moment. I looked down at my drink picked it up and took a sip. I could feel my heart begging to find out who this women was. My heart was aching to sit across from her talk with her. To find out what makes her laugh, what makes her smile, what her ambitious are in life, what dreams she holds behind such a beautiful smile.

But all I could do was drink and watch as this other man across from her had the gracious chance to be sitting with her. A side of me felt jealous, which I found quite strange and out of place for myself. I mean, I don’t even know who this women is. Maybe these two are murderers that work together, maybe they are matched well together, maybe they are to be married, maybe they could even be running from something.

These foolish thoughts continued to cross my mind with each sip of tequila. Soon my second drink was gone and I quickly ordered another.Something pulled me to stay as I hoped that maybe if I stay long enough I will get the courage and chance to talk to this women.

I watched on and off as she and this man spoke to each other. His hand held gently upon hers. They exchanged smiles and glances at every chance given. Their drinks finally arrived as my third one came as well. The waiter brought them champagne, I smiled to myself as I cheered myself for guessing right.

The waiter carefully poured their champagne into each of their glasses. Once the waiter was finished he placed the champagne in a steel bowl with ice not before wrapping the bottle in a white clothe. He then turned to each of them smiled and nodded and walked off.

I placed my finger just slightly into my glass and pushed my ice around a little as I watched them cheers. Their smiles for each other seemed to perfectly coincide with love. At that moment I knew there was no chance for me to interject my interest in her. They must be truly in love.

I raised my glass, swallowed the tequila and licked my lips. I felt the tequila tickle my stomach with a warming sensation. And right then I knew I drunk, well not drunk, but a little passed buzzed. Suddenly after the cheers the mans phone began to ring. The women just watched with no real reaction as she took a drink. The man reached into his suit once again and silenced the phone.

He then reached out and grabbed the woman’s hand raised it to his lips and kissed the back of her hand. She smiled and locked eyes with him. What love they have I though to myself. I wonder if such will exist for me? I then began to drown my heart with what tequila I had left in my glass.

I polished the tequila off and asked for my check. Suddenly I heard a woman’s voice raise, I turned my head and the women in the red dress was standing out of her chair. The man was drenched in what I am guessing is champagne. Another women stood to the right of the man with her arms crossed looking at him with resentful posture and piercing eyes. This other women then leaned over and whispered something in the mans ear. His eyes grew with the look someone would get as a child after getting caught for breaking something. His posture quickly turned into a slouch. His face appeared weak and his suit no longer seemed presentable to him.

The women then slapped him across the face. I sat stunned by the moment, it was a moment of what appears to be two broken hearts at one table under one roof. I thought to myself as I watched. “ what an asshole, how could someone cheat on such beauty?” The other women then placed out her hand as if asking for something. The man pulled out his phone and gave it to her, she then gripped her hand around it, placed it in an empty water glass at the table. Grabbed the bottle of champagne and began to fill the glass up with champagne. The man just watched with cowardly eyes and poor posture.

The women in the red dress watched with a slight smile of conviction. Once the bottle of champagne was empty the women dropped it on the floor and swiftly left the restaurant. This was like a movie moment, something you see all the time in movies but never think it would happen in real life. “ha…life is strange.” I think to myself.

The women in the red dress leaned over picked up her purse, looked at the man and said…..”fuck you, you ungrateful asshole, and to think I was hoping to marry you….”

She then turned around and made her way out of the restaurant. I was still puzzled by what just happened.

“Sir your check..”

I looked at the waiter as he held the check in his hand presenting it to me like a gift. Suddenly things came together, I reached quickly into my pockets to find cash but I left it in my car. I then pulled my card out and gave it to the waiter.

I rushed the card to the waiters hands and fixed my tie properly, “here take my card….I’ll be back for it!”

I stood up and rushed outside, I made it to the edge of the sidewalk and searched both ends of the sidewalk and across from it. Then.. I saw her, I saw the women in the red dress. She was getting into the back seat of a car. I started to run over.


I waved my hand with the wish to capture her attention. I ran as fast as I could as I continued to yell for her to wait. The break lights dimmed and the engine begin to pull the vehicle forward. I started to speed up even more, my heart was pounding, my body began to sweat with anticipation. I loosened my tie and took off my jacket.

I reached the car with just enough space to tape the back tail light. The driver quickly stopped and looked back as well as the women. I stood there leaning over with my hands on my knees looking at the driver and the women while trying to catch my breath. The driver rolled down the passenger window.

“Are you okay sir!”

“Yes……yes…..I’m okay.”

I stood up and asked if I could get a ride as well. I walked over to the passenger window and passively looked at the women in the red dress. The driver looked back at her and asked if that was okay. She then asked me where I was going. I replied to her and she smiled a little and said “That is where I am going.”

I smiled back. “ Haha, what are the chances of that? You don’t mind do you? I promise you wont have to splash me with champagne or slap me.”

She looked up at me with embarrassment, “oh…You saw that?!”

“Yes, but don’t worry, I have seen worse.” I said with playful tone.

She gave out a small laugh and smiled “Okay, get in…”

She leaned over and opened the door for me. “Thank you”

I got in the car and sat down and pulled my seat belt over my body and buckled in. I turned my head to the women and smiled, placed out my hand.

“Hi, my name is Hector.”

She looked over at me took my hand and smiled.

“Hi Hector nice to meet you, my name is Helen.”

Just a man that was once lost in the pursuit of understanding himself. I write short stories, poems, and motivational pieces. (Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)

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