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Are you triggered,
I figured
As you dilute your characters figure
In chase of virtuous words
As you acclaim you be injured,
A microaggression seizure
Formed by those in pursuit
Of what you find to discolor,
To be “oblivious” to color,
Shameful to think deeper
Better to be in bitter
Than be of a thinker
One to understand that things can be held in different,

That facts are built by logic
Not unsubstantiated banter,
Formed by ones shallowest feelings
An identity based on where one places their boner,
Talk sex, drugs, love is love,
But dare speak of the one above
I say God, you shiver,
I say cock, you giggle
What a strange candor
You grow in anger as one may side,
With those you seem to not align
With your world of physical clutter.

Emotional narrative
Reaching for attention to produce disinformation,
Acting impulsive based on hollow motive,

“I the victim of systemic patriarchy,”

While you drive on roads made by mostly men throughout history,

As walk about with the newest iPhone
A true disgust of patriarchy that brings,
Only footsteps with ideas to conquer,
Yet alone, majority be men who construct your home
The Starbucks where you surf Chrome,
A search engine ran by ideological gnomes,
Don’t believe me,
Why are articles of positive words
Of none progressive thought, treated like an additional chromosome,
Yes, politics wishes to rid those of syndromes,
Don’t believe,
Look up Frank Stephen, who bares down-syndrome.

Then tell me you’re the victim to be laid
And forgotten in catacombs.

Easily you preach of your triggered figure
Your distorted life created my philosophical blunder
Ideas you merely read in passing in the walls of college,
Acting as if speaking such is courage,
The crowd is of your own knowledge
A language
Composed by lost souls wandering to be salvaged.

Looking to every inch of anyone’s lips
Find reason to be of causality image
Pillage those who be not of your ideological lineage.

I taunt you to examine Thomas Sowell,
Jordan Peterson, those who don’t sit well
In the echoes you dwell,
Comb them not in passing but in hours of day,
Be not of rage for even I have read the opposites of their ways.
Click off the news for hundred and eighty days,
I bet that would change a lot of things,

To many are triggered by things that will not maim
Kill or bring about chaotic rain,
But skin deep accusations
To merely be about a “new” formation.
We once hunted for our food,
Now we turn key and consume.
I hope you were triggered,
This is only the beginning of such poetry uncensored.

Thank you for reading….

Just a man that was once lost in the pursuit of understanding himself. I write short stories, poems, and motivational pieces. (Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)

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