Embracing Mutilation

Micah Biffle
7 min readDec 1, 2021


Mutilation: : an act or instance of destroying, removing, or severely damaging a limb or other body part of a person or animal.

  • the mutilation of a body

A clear definition that one could not deny its meaning. A word I think we are forgetting as times mutilate the very existence of words and man. We are living in world of “acceptance” at many levels.

Where actions and words are both now but play. A playground for the “enjoyment” of fantasy. Fantasy play into perversion of self and others. A world now dividing into distinct subcultures of already studied materials; of mental and physical harm.

The only argument I shall make, is the consequence I believe “mutilation” shall birth into this world. If you believe there is no such thing as natural order, than I do not know what can be done for you.

For, to think natural order is a “construct, a perspective, a fallacy,” then for even a tree to be of the “natural” is but a figment of ones own belief natural.

Where am I going with this?

Well, let me show you,

What drives one to mutilate the purpose of the body?

If this image does not draw confusion, churn your mind for a whirl, and wrench you with at least a bit of disgust, then what would? Now, I do not wish destruction upon this individual or any harm of any kind. But I cannot help but think this is a lost individual.

A warping of the mind and heart. What drives one to mutilate the purpose of the body? Sure, Ellen, Elliot, she, he, it, they, them, xi, ki, phung shway, whatever she is called now, is an adult. An age appropriate person to make such drastic choices if they so wish.

But why does the UK have a four-thousand percent increase in inquiry to gender reassignment surgeries in the world of girls/women? ( With UK having public healthcare such data is found which is reason for lack of data in the US.)

Why do so many girls these days want to change their natural order? Their natural purpose? I would point such an idea stemming from Feminism, social media, and lack solid based morals and parents.

But I will not be diving into those. I sincerely want to point out what is most horrifying to me is that there a growing number of girls/women cutting of their breast and many other permanently and physically altering mutilations.

These are not surgeries, these are harmful mutilations done by so called doctors who are in oath to do no harm, unless it does not fit the trendy narrative.

Why call them mutilations? Read the definition and tell me that is not what is going on. That is like stabbing someone with a knife and then saying, “I just poked them.”

It seems today, we are seeing increasing changes of what is mentally and psychically harmful. Many songs now praise drugs and suicide, look to the popular rappers especially.

We have movie stars and “influencers” of the false reality of social media openly embracing harm to the mind and body. Eating massive amounts a food, accepting pedophilia via acronyms like “M.A.P.” We have trans people young and older all over young peoples screens giving out mental health advice.

Would you take exercise advice from a fat person? Oh man, there is another one, fat “acceptance.” Turning an eye from the already proving harms of being a fat ass.

How the hell did we end up with people accepting the mutilation of the body? I remember a while back reading an article about people having a doctors mutilate a limb from their bodies, because they felt it did not belong. Such a disorder was once seen as someone needing help.

Now such things are embraced by one too many. Mutilation is now becoming a trend, especially for the newer generations. Now some may say, “hey, it is not as many people as you think.”

Okay? So we should welcome mutilation? We should subject no one to judgment of harm they could bring into the world embracing and or subjecting themselves to it?

Would you let your child hang with drug dealers or rapists? Or how bout your little girl at school where guys will dress as girls and use the girls bathroom?

I’ll say this, where there is welcoming without clear dissection, you are guaranteed infection.

We clearly have an infection now, remember when it was just about gay marriage? Now it’s about changing your sex and cutting of your tits. Breast which are used to feed, to give nutrients to a new life so they may grow and become an adult and add good things to the world.

But I guess, when you make millions like Elliot/Ellen and are most likely thrown into trauma, you will make drastic changes, whether for attention, (cry for help), or down right loath what you have become. To try and completely mutilate what you think is the issue. I can not image she thinks of persuasion she truly has on the youth nor the consequence down the road in general. When you are praised on the big screen and make millions, much thought must go out the window. Blinded by the injections of a material world.

There is a video of girl crying as she looks to here now mutilated breasts as the stitches stretch across her body like a void, absent of anything of use.

She cry's as, who I assume is her friend tells her she looks good as the girl cry’s saying she looks good to herself.

Then later down the road a new video of this girl, showing herself shirtless as she gets irritated by the fact she can feel her nipples and it brings discomfort. Tada! She has no more nipples, she now has permanent phantom nipple.

My guess, no one told her this would be a consequence. Ask anyone who has lost a limb, they deal with phantom pain regularly. If she did know, then what was the deep process that she made up to allow herself to become mutilated?

Yet, doctors continue to help people mutilate their bodies in idea that the person will feel “whole!”

“Here, let me take your tires off your car, it’ll make it work better.”

Why are people increasingly cutting off the natural? I do not mean that figuratively either. The breast, the penis, the vagina, arms, feet, legs, just about anything they feel fit to make them “whole.”

The body you are born with comes with a purpose in itself. Down to the very cell of the body has a purpose. Why are people not cutting out their kidneys, heart, stomach etc to feel “whole”?

You know why, because it not about changing into something or “someone” different. It is about losing self in the flesh, the desire of the instant. Some people would rather cut off their tits than do the work internally.

Some people would rather take hope in a pill than change their diet or exercise. We are in a mad world of self deprecation through the false enjoyment of the physical.

Some think paying a doctor to alter your body permanently is some sort of brave accomplishment. You seriously just went and paid someone to do you a service, so brave huh?!

But what do you expect from those people that think what you enjoy sexually behind doors is something to flaunt or be excited about when you blurt it out in the world. You know, because there are mobs outside homes waiting to pitch fork a dude to death for being sexual with another man. -____-

This is a mental and soul illness. Western worlds are without problems so we must create them. For crying out loud, the chances are, if you live in a western world you don’t have to worry about where you will sleep or eat.

You won’t have to worry about terrorist groups recruiting you at the age of eight and push you to kill your own people.

Transgender explosion is nothing but a twisted mutilation of natural order. You do not plant a seed in concrete and hope it grows. You plant it in soil and give it nourishment.

Just as humans need nourishment, but humans do not need just physical, they need mental and spiritual nourishment. I believe the endorsement by too many who reject the natural, is brought on by many reasons. But a major one I would say is, western world making people too comfortable and having little resistance in life along with the tearing of nuclear family.

How does one know natural order when not shown or taught? How does one know natural when they were brought up in dysfunction? Often times, what we grow up in as children, we will repeat unless we break the cycle.

Just like alcoholism can spread through generations, I believe mental health can as well, to the point of self abusive addiction.

Would you push your friend in a wheel chair for the rest of their lives if they cut off their own leg and ask for those around them to treat them as handicap? Why do some people treat “transgenders” as if they are what they say they are?

Sure, be respectful to them, but it sure seems the community is growing more in ideal to force others into their world than just to do their thing. Do as you wish, but do not expect people to embrace you when you turn on your own body.

I identify as a ten your old kid, you cannot charge me as an adult!

Where does the identity begin and end? What will be next? Tentacles embedded on the back?



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