Hidden Lake WA, photo by Micah Biffle

(I have written this not just for me but for all those who read it, this is for you)

I am someone who seeks more than the average person. I climb my walls while others hide behind theirs. I overlook my kingdom, that is my life. The adventures for me are endless, the opportunities are ripe. I will pick them like fresh fruit and savor their flavor.

Watch me grow as I accept each down trot in life like a challenge. A chance to grow, a chance to be more than who I was yesterday. I know death wishes to take me but death will have to fight me for life.

I am like no other, I am like no other, I am like no other.

I am more than what people see, more than what I am today. I have the chance to breathe; see, taste, hear, listen, smell, laugh, run, play, imagine, write, read, swim, sleep, jump, walk, sing, cry, feel, learn, speak, express, share, love, dance, give, take, work, start, stop. I have it all, I have all of me to enjoy and all of me to explore. I have the world to leap into and the world to lift me.

I will grow the good like a garden and pull the bad like weeds. I will constantly tend to my heart and allow it to be me. I know struggle and pain lies ahead but with out harsh winters, the beauty of spring and summer would never be. With out the bad how could I learn and know of the good?

I’am blessed to have life be my life. Many have lost it before they had the chance to explore. Many have even lost it before they die. But I will not, I will fight, I will grow. I will become the mighty person that I am meant to be. I will show the world that even the smallest flame can cause the largest fires. I will never stop, I will soar like an eagle to the skies, this is my life, my soul.

I will be that butterfly that creates a momentum of reaction. How? Because I am me. And there is only one me, only one life of me. I shall not waste my chance for others need me. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday they will need me. And I will be there standing tall on my wall lowering my hand to lift them up. To show them my kingdom that was once nothing. That was once a desolate place where my soul wandered like a stray cat. I will be that testament to show that they can do the same, they can build a kingdom much greater than mine.

I will give them the breath of faith. The breath of strength. I will show them that they are them and are something no one else can imitate.

I am someone worthy of becoming me. Life is my gift and death is my motivation. I will not quit, I will not surrender, I will not blame. Sometimes, I will fail, I will lose, I will fall. But non of that will dictate my outcome of who and where I will be. Death is the unknown to all this and I will ride into the unknown like a soldier to battle. Blazing every inch of my soul across the open field of life ready to lie it all down for what I believe. And I…believe……in me.

I am worth it, I am worth it, I am worth it.

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