I Found Misery Among Myself

I found misery today, she was sitting alone in tears.

She wore a long black dress that floats with the wind like a rose petal upon water.

Tossing hearts like loose change to a wishing well.

I found misery today, she was lonely.

She was sorry for the wounds she never allowed to heal.

Lifting her pearl eyes as if in search for more.

I found misery today, digging through old photos and old clothes.

Falling apart like a flower left to a dusty vase.

She held to each photo, each piece of clothing like a cold breathe to glass.

I found misery today, clinging to a fragile past.

She never understood the words we so often speak, the difficult but true…”Move on.”

Clouding the moment with crippled emotion only to ingest emptiness.

I found misery today, among the drawn shades and silent room her eyes drifted with no voice of hope.

She danced in the shadows but never spoke, never smiled.

Her dress forming like a dismal cloud with each motion of graceful form .

I found misery today, among the visions in my head.

She wept upon each memory like pouring rain across an empty road.

Leaving tearful holes of pain scattered upon the road each filled with stories of injured love.

I found misery today, among the exploration of my heart.

She held it like a sad mother to a dying child.

Watching as nothing could done but to wait for it all to pass.

I found misery today, walking along my soul.

She whispered sorrow with each shallow step.

How she must feel, only to end with shattered hearts.

I found misery today, alone, quiet, crying.

I found misery today, and I don't know how to leave her.

Just a man that was once lost in the pursuit of understanding himself. I write short stories, poems, and motivational pieces. (Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)

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