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Micah Biffle
5 min readMar 3, 2021


Morality can not be subjective, if such is to be subjective than a murderer of a child bears morality in their actions do they not? For the morality of them vs me, is but subjective in the eye of the beholder, be it not?

I find this to be a common thought of today, much alike upon the seats of good and evil. That such words are held in meaning by means of whom speaks of them and how they perceive them.

So, if morality is subjective and we divide it in slices to each like slices of pie. Then is anyone fed or are we but starving the souls at the throats of hunger?

I myself once rolled in the realms that all be subjective to the rules of self. That morality is built by steps in self decision. That circumstance dictate what be the moral truth.

If I, be a man of poor pockets dealt with a belly that hungers. Then am I at rights to cause theft to feed my aching gut?

If the world I feel has dealt me wrong, much like in the eyes of the Joker and take no responsibility of how else I could travel. Would it not be my moral right to pin those into torment of those I see as the wrongdoers of me?

Could I not blaze fire, the cities that my enemy rests within? Would it not be my moral duty to press my ideologies against those I have seen done wrong upon me?

Much like the actions of Columbine?

Or do we agree morality has a beginning? A strict scripture of truth? Or are we to play among the clouds, where vision be skewed in all moments of day. Where we walk in blindness and those whom we strike are but at fault.

Morality, it is truly a subject held with little esteem in these chaotic times. Check the stools left behind by corporations, by movements led by “virtue.” Flick on the news and you shall see hypocrisy spun like a cord left to drawers of the forgotten.

The cord will be blamed over the user whom neglected its storing.

How can morality be of self identity? Can we not all agree children are innocent in all ways? That they birth no understanding of life, of choice? Does a child know even the edge of knife before they are told or are unfortunately experienced? So is it not or moral obligation to protect such innocence?

Lead such youth with best intentions so they may grow to stumble as we did but be not monstrous in action?

Can we not all agree sex with minors is of disgust and holds no morality in any angle?

If not, then I fear our cultural morality, as a world, as a country, state, community, family, and self. Are but lines drawn in sand, meant to wash away for the play of flesh. A lustful existence by means of debauchery held with contempt toward moralities existence.

It is the same for argument that law is what brings about order. If this is true, would not all crimes that be illegal be but zero in the books of history? I do not mean law bares no use, but it is a minor role in life.

Or, is it the cultural morality that brings about order?

If you are taught theft to be wrong at all levels and shown meaning behind this, are you not in constant rejection to act in any theft? Do you not then understand the damages it cause not only to the other, but self? It is when we allow morality to be clay that we can justify anything.

“His theft is okay, he is poor, beaten and defeated.”

“That is not his fault, it is a disease and love is love..” (Says the so called protector of children.)

Have we not seen the hypocrisy of morality in the recent outcomes of $GME and $AMC?

The morality shift; “We can do it, but not you.”

If you agree morality to be self subjective, then you hold zero reason to be angered toward the systems of today or anyone's actions.

Like the tyrant of a country, “I can steal your homes, your women, cut of your heads from shoulders as I please, rape you children and women. But dare come at me with torches and pikes, speaking ill of my rule, try theft upon me or those around you, I shall have you killed. By my rule and my rule is right!”

What is morality without concrete cultural grounds?

Or are we afraid of truly ruling ourselves?

Of bearing responsibility for each step we take?

You cannot say the ends justify the means can you?

One bomb to kill twenty, but leave dead a thousand.

Extreme ideology to rule a country in forming “order” but kill millions. (this begs deeper discussion, but I shall leave it for another time.)


Violence outside self defense, is that not a crime?

Or can I pull strings until I find the scapegoat of my actions? A moral puppeteer I can be.

What is morality without a home?

And if you say the best way for us to live for all humanity to exist, is to be by loose morality, then are you not bringing/forcing, your morality onto others? Are you not creating a concrete morality but that which is loose in its term?

An idea of a moral-less life by ruling thumb through law or force, is a form of morality is it not; but perverted?

This is but a thought I bring to you, to me, to all of us. To ignite that, are we moving congruently to a better culture that will raise better people? Or are we walking whimsically with no guilt, restraint, or self obligation? Do things work better when a team agrees upon the end goals with a plan, or individually?

I hope we do not lead ourselves into fallacy.

I believe morality has a beginning, a beginning beyond us. I follow the teachings of my God. But I do not walk about with a stick ready to rule. I can merely act well in self and toward others and hope others will brighten themselves.



Micah Biffle

Just a man beneath the thumbprint of God. A man wandering like any other, wondering what will come of him.(Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)