Painting by Jim Carrey

_ How Far Must We Fall _

Have we stooped so low,
As to wish death upon those
Whom think differently,
To praise the murder of another
By the disdain of others,
What are we to become
If we shall brush our arts to paint death.

To call upon the evisceration of another
In sake of contempt of their beliefs,
What twisted ideas have we whittled
From the bones of our freedom,
Our spoils I fear have left us blind.
Letting sway the mental atrocities
To be welcomed bereavements of ones retaliation
Toward another's expanse of their understanding.

How ugly must we become,
That it be not the party of action
But those outside it,
To be blamed.
Are we to slain that which shall never have a say,
For the sake of inconvenience
While the naive strut with deep pockets of lust
Lost to the greed's of self satisfaction
No deeper than that of skin.

Shall we castrate to appease,
Shall we silence opposition to keep peace,
Strain the dealers of responsibility
In name of touch,
The crawling of luscious tongue between thighs
The late nights accompanied my fragments of memory
Only to wake in a pit anxieties.

What depravity must we fall too,
Before the madness of loss purpose
Stones us
To the wild sins of our unwillingness
To confront our disconnection
With our own beating hearts,
And those yet given chance of breath
Yet beat beneath the bellies
Of the givers of life.

What perversion of ourselves have we become,
That our own brethren we wish death upon them
Over the embrace of love,
What hell have we birthed
In sayings to cease existence
In fear of what may or may not become.
I fear,
We have much further to fall
And much more blood shall cover our faces
As we shall find no serenity
Till the last of us stands alone,
With a full womb and our hearts weep
At such sight.
Micah Biffle

Just a man that was once lost in the pursuit of understanding himself. I write short stories, poems, and motivational pieces. (Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)

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