There Is Always A View

Weaved, We Wonder For Transcendence

Upon this plan be I and billions of minds,
Of meddling lines crisscross a weave of internal sublime
Costing lines of misery blinds,
Shutting sails for moment of silence in rhyme.

Keeping toe, the vision of something to find
Floating in an iris of stars combined
A single place of mine,
Of yours in time
Embracing the catalyst to climb,
Remind self, things are not always in prime.

Our gears grind,
Fall behind,
We forget, I forget,
The fostering of heart
Inhale what brings about an art,
Depart, from the weathering of emotional debt
Project in image of sunset
Breaths to uncurl among a quartet,
Strings to ease
Send away the frays of regret,
Place fingers, mend in touch of present,
Yet unfounund moments of duet,
For there is no separation of I
Nor you,

Strange lingering of DeJa’Vu,
But quickly pass in haze to renew
No stale congestion to brew
No season without renew,
How gentle a galaxy grew
Remember the distance of view
Now connected by invisible glue,

Too much, step back be true,
Set a queue
No rush, but rush with need of glorious hues
A single tongue can skew
Keep ears within review,

Station not, a satellite in single orbit, be optimistic
Be, your rendezvous
Be genius, sporadic with fear, a haiku
Cryptic, yet of music
Agility of a crowd
Many places
But no without logic,

No sheep’s clothing, but Nordic
Adventure though much, be mystic
Dangers of scenic
A seismic shift, the atomic
Gripping dear, light, a candlestick bright
Racing spirit, but bowing to no chaotic
The universe glistens, no rubric
Careful that which I, you mimic,
Tricks, of many play with tunes of hypnotic

The cosmetic,
No replacement for the poetic
Words scribed in classic,
Beats, though death finds our synaptic,
A vessel to diminish, organic
But last like orchestra of century, a titanic,
Lost, fallen depth, yet electric
A shock, a wave, a tsunami of the artistic.

But I, you,
We must not bare singularity in vision to be harmonic.
Like stars bursting
Born fresh a lyric,
A listen and hymns be not based at relic,
A cycle in soul, algorithmic,
Spheres astronautic
Being atmospheric
Life in congruence of existence with need,

Want of conscience
An honesty of morality
A courage against greedy fallacy
Minds held not by grips of tyranny.

We, I, you,
Wonder for familiarity
Not without the dreary
We rise in either evening or early
Seeking galaxy
Transcendence from earthly,
Continually battling the mental
The secrets of our entity
Combating our enemy,
Fear in failure,
Lost, in hallow density.

Feeling of the cowardly
Draw such,
And vile become the free.

As is I, you, We,
No perfection, but that to keep in motion.

— —


Just a man that was once lost in the pursuit of understanding himself. I write short stories, poems, and motivational pieces. (Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)

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