You Limit Yourself by Identity

(Before you begin, take in a deep breath via the diaphragm, fill your chest… release slowly.)

The latest of the latest, be the identity of oppression. A label behind ones oppressive story, be it based on hues of flesh, to behind the scenes economic up bringing, to the imagery of ones sexual desires to come to reality.

But bring those together and you are the ultimate justified human-being. An “innocent” child pitted against the world as it forms its malice around you. Choking all opportunity and choice.

Tossing you wildly about as the oppressor of lighter color, of different pattern of thought, of straight orientation laughs in your face; as the money stacks before them.

To be held in such a constricted thought is amusing. As you walk into your kitchen and turn the faucet on for water. As you sit in your home clicking about the heat as it rises one degree too high.

As you step foot into your vehicle to advance twenty miles at 60mph. While ancestors had to trail by foot or carriage, no heat, no running water. No grocery stores every mile no restaurants to accompany a sudden hunger.

They raised their bows, their rifles, their axes, and blades. Forging for food as the days of winter approached. Traveling hundreds, if not thousands of miles in hope for a better start.

Now, you can sit in the comfort of a building and search with a few clicks and words, a new job, a new home, connect with like minded individuals. Guided by the algorithm made for the world to share.

The internet gathers the world together as you weep because you were born “lost,” unsure your gender, your identity among this world. As if it be only you who faces the tribulation of identity, the struggles of life.

As if, the child of white, born in wealth whom is neglected of any love, is of privilege. While you are held in arms of a loving mother and father.

You think, the man of white, whom walks the street in alleys of night, bears no fear of violence. But you do not know the horrors he saw as a child. You do not see the horrors of the his past in any light.

You stare with stern eyes in judgment, printing him as if a 2d projection in need of an update; code him out of the system. Yet, he just spent hours teaching others how to cook, how to read, how to save money. He teaches the youth so they do not end up like he did in his early years.

But sadly, that is not thought nor sought. Identity has pitted us and it pits you against yourself. We are all lost in this world walking with blind steps. Hoping tomorrow we will find ourselves.

That love will portray itself with open arms and not leave us in shadows like it has. That we will triumph over our finances, that we will win the battle for our acceptance in self.

But often we don’t, often we are still tied to yesterday. Clinging to what we left behind rather than seeking what we still can build. Your identity is impeding you in doing so. As you look to the recognition of others leaving yourself to single sail off shore. Taking drinks, drugs, consuming hours of aimless scroll, abusing the body, the mind for even a second acceptance by the crowd.

As you flagrantly toss about your identity in shallow terms, sex, race, income, you cut yourself down instantly. You have divided yourself into minor groups of existence.

So stale be your life, filling with abrupt anger, the need to blame, to seek fault. As you can’t seem to find your way out of your misery. If not black, brown, democrat, or the trending color or sexual orientation of the day; you best be an ally.

Or so damned be your thoughts, even your mere presence. So bow before the mighty minority, the “truth seekers,” the “true portrayal of man.” (triggered by “man,” then be weary of further read.)

For to be as shallow toward sight, to see only race, sex, income, the play words of the “oppressed”. You strip yourself of imagination, of choice. An ability we are blessed with.

Thousands, if not millions guide themselves to change that leads to joy daily. But we are fed only the disasters. A repository of oppression. Yet you hold a super computer in the palm of your hand. Yet you bare clothes upon your body. Shoes and socks upon your feet.

Yes, many about this world do not. But I dare you to seek the history of even a decade ago and tell me there still be little improvement.

Your ideal self, you hold in fractions of time. You hold your identity at the depth of skin. At the depth of your fleshful desires and the trend of which all popular entertainment medias praise today.

To keep yourself at waist deep identity, to play a victim or call it oppressed. How do you expect to escape? The child that was kidnapped into sex trafficking and survived and tells their story today. Do you think they would have escaped if they held their identity as a victim?

Do you think they would have seen any light if they held their identity as merely a vessel of pleasure and are lined with only filth and no such person would desire them? Seeing themselves as tainted existence?

What about you, where do you hold your identity? In your skin, in your sex, in your kinks, your writing, your income, your looks? Your popularity on social media?

Where? If you know, how deep is this identity? Does it shift by the day, by the hour? If so, then weak be the foothold of your morals, your beliefs, your understanding in self.

Identity of even the most successful shifts, but not by the hour nor day, but by the tribulations of challenge. Just like that of a video game or job, you must seek challenge to achieve a higher level. A better paying job is not achieved by merely standing about is it? But by the actions you execute to bring about improvement and skills to match the desired level of pay.

Would you pay someone $50 dollars if they said they would mow your lawn but only end with a result of half the lawn? Would you pay your surgeon the full payment to remove cancer if they only removed half because they got tired or bored? (And yes, not everyone can afford such a thing, it is merely an example. Semantics can be saved for another time.)

I’am hoping you would not. No one wants to pay full price for what wasn’t given to them. So why do you pay full price for yourself when you give no effort to yourself?

Why do you price yourself by your skin, your ethnicity, your past, your income, when you have not lived your whole life?

You have cut yourself short in hopes someone will hear your cries and lift you up. You reach for the misery as you see others are suffering too. You find familiarity among peers the are tethered in hurt.

But those tethered by shallow things, will soon need more misery. For the space beside them, new ranks of pain will fill. Each new day a new story of sorrow is born, only to outweigh yours.

Don’t believe me? When was the last time Smollett was the topic?

Or what about the man Lemp who was shot while asleep by the police?

(chirp chirp)

“All eyes on the current oppression trend of now. But it must match our narrative”

Don’t be tricked by the Hollywood players, the media stars and the oppression mob. Don’t cling to those that don’t even know your name by heart.

You cannot achieve what they want and neither can they.

To place yourself in a category of flesh, color, sex, income, etc. You give yourself a path driven by closing walls. Once those walls close, you will be alone.

Those that find themselves among a path within the open valleys of life, they identify themselves with what is yet to come. They identify themselves by what they have yet to achieve and seek retribution through creation.

Creating themselves, creating wonders no only for themselves but others. By wonders I mean the use of time wisely met with fruitful action. By those, I mean things such as, writing, reading, building, teaching skills that increase others around them for the future, taking on tasks that frighten you but call to you. Creating actions that do not cause harm but cohesion, in self and others.

Live today, plan for tomorrow, plant for the present, learn from the past.

To force change upon the body by drugs, to live within the realm of race, to charge with anger by poor choice of finance, these all create blame.

“I was not born this way society placed me here!” Prove this, prove to yourself without a doubt you have tried all avenues. That you are not following the crowd, that you do what brings about fear yet you face it.

“He is evil, for he thinks differently.” Dare not get in an argument with a mirror, you may find more hate their than you do with him/her/zigzag xipee, whatever you want to call people.

“I’m (insert color) so I have no true freedom.” Tell that to the child tossed into an orphanage who is beaten till they are eighteen and can leave on their own accord. Tell that to child who has grown up on the streets, mother giving birth on a warehouse floor. Only to fight his way to success biting every bullet that came for him.

Tell that to the individual who was abused by their father, only to end up in the marines and fight through the hells of war. Leaving service as a destroyed individual only to continue fighting the demons within. But coming out in triumph against them.

We are all challenged, but we choose what will challenge us. We can challenge ourselves in the shallow graves of skin deep identity, only to fall short in our acceptance of self and others.

Or we can reach beyond that, seek those who seem “enlightened” beyond that which be the shallow degrees of man. Or, stay where you are and sulk in the misfit mentality of, ”It is not I, it is the world.”

Have you ever tried pushing a brick wall out of the way? That is what you are trying to do if you play the shallow tactics of identity politics. Walk around the wall, ask for help, or build something to go through or around it. Be inventive with yourself, not destructive.

— -Don’t go to my Youtube channel:

Just a man that was once lost in the pursuit of understanding himself. I write short stories, poems, and motivational pieces. (Instagram @poemjunkybiffle)

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